Trick or treat posters launched by Police

For many youngsters, trick or treating has become an annual ritual. Every Halloween we see children across Pelsall knocking on doors, asking for sweets and treats.

While some people don’t mind it, others – particularly our elderly residents – do not welcome the intrusion.

West Midlands Police has created a downloadable/printable poster for anyone who does not want to answer the door to a gaggle of mummies, witches and Draculas.

If you want one, or you know someone who would welcome one, download one from here.

Otherwise, enjoy your Halloween in safety and follow these tips:

  1. Always travel in groups and never go trick or treating alone.
  2. Carry a torch and stick to busy roads and familiar areas.
  3. Take a mobile phone.
  4. Better still, take an adult with you.
  5. Never go into a stranger’s house when trick or treating.
  6. Wear something reflective on your costumes so motorists can see you in the dark.
  7. Ignore the “tricking” bit of trick or treat: it’s a bit of fun. People may not see the funny side of tricks.
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