Council prepares for wintry road conditions

With winter fast approaching, Walsall Council has made its final checks to the gritter route.

Eight out of the 16 gritting routes were checked and timed by Tarmac, which operates the gritting contract for the authority, before wintry conditions arrive.

4,000 tonnes of salt at the Council's Cable Drive Depot/ Pic: Walsall Council

Councillor Tom Ansell, Walsall Council cabinet member for transport, said the council had stockpiled 4,000 tonnes of salt this year.

“Last year we did a really efficient job at husbanding our stocks so we weren’t in the position that others were in of having to go cap in hand for supplies,” he said.

“We were also one of the first councils in the country to use Twitter to let people know when we were going out gritting and keep people updated on the state of the roads.”

From October last year gritters were sent out 43 times.

Steve Chapman, Tarmac service manager, said: “The worst winter weather for 30 years was a tough start to Tarmac’s first winter maintenance contract.

“We are all hoping that this winter is not as harsh but residents can rest assured that the team are ready for whatever weather comes our way.”

Walsall is divided up into 16 key routes across 250 miles of road which can be covered in four hours.

There are eight priority routes, which includes a mix of key roads, and second priority routes, which include some bus routes, industrial estate roads and key commuter routes. Pelsall falls into the latter category.

For more information about which roads are treated and in what order log on to Click on the pdf entitled Winter Service Operational Plan. Pelsall is route 15.

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