Council statement on road conditions

We’ve had reports of many people being stuck in terrible traffic last night in Walsall, thanks to the bad weather. A few people said roads were like skating rinks.

Picture, Dan Slee

Here is a statement (unedited) from Walsall Council. Do feel free to comment on this:

“Gritters went out on Monday night and then again early Tuesday morning – spreading 75 tonnes of salt on the roads which is in addition to the 120 tonnes of salt spread over the weekend.   The forecast was snow showers with a low confidence, meaning the forecasters were uncertain where or if the snow would fall.

During the day yesterday the council worked in conjunction with Tarmac and gritted the town centre and district centres and the roads were free flowing with no problems or complaints.

Councillor Tom Ansell, cabinet member for transport at Walsall Council, said: “At around 4.45pm we had a heavy localised snow storm in Walsall which appeared to freeze as soon as it hit the ground and we are investigating why this happened. Some neighbouring local authorities experienced the same problem. We immediately deployed 8 gritters throughout the borough who remained on constant duty till midnight and spread a further 120 tonnes of salt. All roads in the borough, which are included in our Winter Maintenance Plan, were gritted by 8.30pm last night.

“During the night the weather was constantly monitored and a further 6 gritters have been deployed in the borough plus two gritters have been sent out to concentrate on the worst hit areas. There are also teams in the town centre and district centres who are clearing snow from the footpaths.

“We are doing all we can to constantly keep the roads gritted in the borough and the teams are on standby to be deployed to areas where they are most needed,” he added.”

Walsall Winter Maintenance Plan:

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