Possible delays to bin collection (don’t panic!)

Waste collections taking place in Pelsall today but some disruption is forecast.

Collections are taking place today in Rushall, Shelfield, High Heath, Pelsall, Brownhills and Aldridge central.

Icy road conditions are continuing to slow down operations and teams will be making as many collections as is safely possible, but some homes may not receive their normal service today -particularly those in narrow or inaccessible areas.

Residents who don’t get a collection today will be asked to put out their grey bins out again on Monday 27th December 2010, when bins plus up to three bags of side waste will be cleared.

The green bin recycling service is currently operating weekly during December and January. Any homes that miss a green bin collection today will be visited on Monday 27th December 2010.

In order to clear any backlog up to three bags of side recycling waste will also be picked up but should be put in clear/white/translucent pedal bin liners.

Residents are also reminded that the brown bin garden waste recycling service is currently suspended in order to clear the excess of grey and green bin waste over the Christmas period.

Jamie Morris, executive director of Walsall Council, said the authority has had its busiest 48-hour periods in years for gritters.

Writing to councillors across Walsall, he said: “In a borough-wide operation the key road network has been treated and snow ploughed three times. The roads are relatively clear, although people need to be very cautious.”

Cemeteries were also gritted over the weekend to allow people to visit graves on the traditionally busy last Sunday before Christmas.

Operatives were out last night in The Bridge area of Walsall town centre treating pavements.

“The gritters were on the road again today at 5am treating more than 250 miles of borough roads. We ordered an extra tour for Willenhall and Darlaston yesterday where the road conditions were worse,” he said.

“-13.2C was recorded in Brownhills last night which we believe is the lowest temperature in the borough for some decades (and you will be aware that grit is less effective in very cold temperatures).”

He warned that the forecast is extremely for icy conditions with temperatures well below zero.

Walsall is expected to get more snow at about 4pm today and into the early evening, which could seriously disrupt traffic.

Further into the week forecasters are predicting snow showers tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon which will be heavy through Tuesday night and Wednesday, when it will snow all day. Thursday and Friday are likely to be dry with the possibility of heavy snow on Christmas Day.

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