New police inspector for Pelsall

A new inspector has been installed in Aldridge and Brownhills, which includes Pelsall.
The area is now headed by Insp Lisa-Jayne Robson; she has replaced Insp Jan Leggett, who has moved to head the communications centre at Walsall.

Lisa-Jayne has 16 years service with West Midlands Police and has served in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Bloxwich, before heading a response shift at Walsall.
She is one of three inspectors on the move in the borough and will head up local community meetings in the near future and introduce themselves to the communities to discuss their aims and objectives.

Chief Supt Kevin Bullas said:”The reshuffle is part of the ongoing process of change that occurs in every local policing unit and I want to reassure people that local neighbourhood policing remains unaffected by the changes and we will continue to tackle the particular issues affecting each community.”

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