Where is the biggest pothole in Pelsall?

The bad December weather has left many roads in a terrible state, with potholes and cracks.

A pothole, yesterday 😉

Here’s one on Wolverhampton Road (close to Millers Walk) which nearly catapulted the Common People car to Brownhills.

Would love to see what other potholes you have come across in the village. Feel free to post them here.

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5 Responses to Where is the biggest pothole in Pelsall?

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  2. Paul Vincent says:

    Report potholes here:


    Judging from past experience, Walsall Council are pretty good at attending to potholes reported on this page, quite quickly. Give ’em a try!

  3. Garry Perry says:

    As with last year! the very extreme freezing temepratures have caused ‘pot hole’ development in many areas! there is an estimated £56m gap, nationally, which is required to deal with the problem. Walsall Council will do what it can to make the necessary reparation work. However it is also welcome that the Government has announced a review into Winter planning, given the last two years problems and whether there is a need to re-visit capability in readiness for harsher winters than we have seen in the last 20 years!

  4. Paul Vincent says:

    Given that in 1999 alone, road tax generated £5.7 billion in revenue for the Government, it’s disgraceful that very little of this seems to filter down to councils for maintaining those very roads. The £56m gap would constitute a mere 1 percent of that revenue figure.

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