What are your opinions of Pelsall?

Pelsall resident Vickie Heydon-Matterface wants to know what you think of the village.

A sunset (in Pelsall, naturally)

Vickie is compiling a community audit as part of her Community Ministry course, based at the Methodist Church.
The aim of the project is to gather information about Pelsall and ascertain what the issues are for people living here.
What are the best things about living in Pelsall?
What are the worst things?
Is there anything missing here? Is there anything that Pelsall does well – or badly?
“I need to hear everyone’s views from within and outside the church,” she said.
“Based on the issues that emerge I can go on to my next assignment, which is putting together a funding application for a community event. So the event needs to reflect the needs of the community.”
Vickie needs responses by January 27, so feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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