Petitions launched against council cuts

Two e-petitions have been launched against proposed Council cuts – including the planned closure of libraries.

One, launched by Rev John Davies, of Central Methodist Church, is a general petition, which includes protest again library closures.

The second is purely against library closures.

According to the Council website, it takes 1500 signatories to get it discussed by councillors:

“If a petition contains at least 1,500 signatures it will be debated at a meeting of the Council. This means that the issue raised in the petition will be discussed at a meeting to which all Councillors can attend and speak. The Council will endeavour to consider the petition at its next meeting although on some occasions this may not be possible and consideration will then take place at the following meeting. The petition organiser will be given 5 minutes to present the petition at the meeting and the petition will then be discussed by Councillors for a maximum of 15 minutes. The Council will decide how to respond to the petition at this meeting. They may decide to take the action that the petition requests; not to take the action requested for reasons put forward in the debate, or to ask for further information. Where the issue is one where the Cabinet are required to make the final decision the Council will decide to make recommendations to the Cabinet. The petition organiser will receive written confirmation of this decision and this will be published on our website.”

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