Police warning after vans targeted for tools

Police are warning owners of work vans to be more security conscious after three vehicles were broken into and power tools were stolen last night.

Thieves struck at Lothians Road, Chapel Street and Shireview Road, breaking into the vans and stealing cordless drills, socket sets, hammer drills and circular saws worth more than £2,000.

The thefts were discovered this morning and it is believed they occurred overnight between 10pm and 6am.

Inspector Lisa Robson, who covers the Pelsall area, said officers will be increasing their patrols in the area, but urged van owners to be more careful.

“We believe that these incidents are linked and are appealing for any information that will help us with our enquiries. If you saw anything suspicious in the Pelsall area we want to hear from you,” she said.
“We would also like to encourage workmen who keep tools in their vehicles overnight to remove them where possible.”
Anyone needing advice on security measures should contact crime prevention officer PC Mark Ledo, added Insp Robson.
She offered the following general vehicle security advice:

Fit an alarm and always use it
All new cars are fitted with electronic immobilisers but if your car is over four years old, consider having an immobiliser professionally fitted
Fit a locking petrol cap and wheel nuts
Buy a steering lock and use it every time you leave the car
Have your car registration number etched on every window
Security mark all valuables in the car, such as radios and Sat Nav systems, using an ultraviolet pen and keep a record of all property marked
Consider fitting a vehicle tracking device
Lock all windows, doors and the sunroof whenever you leave the vehicle, even for just a few minutes
Never leave keys in the ignition — even for just a few seconds or to heat the car up in winter
Remove all valuables — never leave anything on display
Anyone with information about the thefts is urged to contact police on 0345 113 5000.

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