Barrier installed to prevent anti social behaviour

A swing barrier has been erected in Shelfield in an effort to stop anti social behaviour.

It has been installed on a piece of open ground, formerly the railway track, which runs between homes in Leigh’s Road, Bridge Road and Yew Tree Road, following complaints at a residents’ group meeting.

The matter was referred to Councillor Ron Carpenter, chair of the Brownhills, Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield Area Partnership, and a disused barrier from another location was relocated to the site.

Councillor Ron Carpenter said: “Anti-social behaviour causes real distress and should not be tolerated.

“We’re confident that the new swing bollard will prevent similar incidents occurring again and enhance the security of homes in the area. A number of residents had their fencing panels damaged as a result of the fire so hopefully the barrier will put an end to this sort of anti-social behaviour.”

Local resident Stuart Jukes, who has lived in Leigh’s Road for 20 years welcomed the news.

He said: “The situation came to a head when an abandoned car was set on fire and burnt down sections of fencing.So we approached Cllr Carpenter at the next Area Community meeting to see if something could be done.”

Residents will now be issued with keys next week to enable them to access the site from their properties.


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