Shelfield Academy student wins UK Youth Parliament seat

A student from Shelfield Academy has been elected to the UK Youth Parliament.

Alex Lemord, aged 15, is joining 16-year-old Trevor Taderera from St Thomas More School as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP), following an election that saw 13,615 Walsall voters participate – representing a record breaking 50% turnout.

Their deputies are Becky Mason, aged 14, from Shire Oak School, and Nadirur Choudhury, 15, from Bluecoat School.

They were elected from a pool of 15 candidates who put themselves forward for election at the end of December and campaigned throughout January and February.

Any young person aged between 11-18 living or going to school in Walsall was eligible to cast a vote by web, text and ballot.

Voting also took place in 18 schools across the borough including secondary, specialist, private and primary schools as well as youth clubs and community associations.

The new members of Youth Parliament will participate in various inductions throughout March on a local and regional basis and will then start working on their campaigns.

Cabinet member for children’s services Councillor Rachel Andrew said: “It is a fantastic achievement to get such a huge turnout for the youth elections and I would like to wish the new members of youth parliament the very best of luck for their term of office.”

For more information on UKYP, contact Jenni Mackay on 01922654888 or


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