Rare great crested newts found on North Common

Rare great crested newts have been found at Pelsall North Common.

The newts, which have distinctive bright orange bellies with dark spots, were found at the nature reserve during a night-time survey last week.

Walsall Council’s countryside services team was working with the volunteers led by senior countryside ranger Morgan Bowers when they found them.

Morgan explained: “This is a really exciting discovery for us all as great crested newts are so rare.

“We are working with volunteers to survey all of Walsall’s countryside sites and nature reserves for amphibians.

“We have been using bottle traps made out of two-litre plastic pop bottles which act like a lobster pot and catch the newts without harming or alarming them.

“The newts are released the following day after they have been identified and records made of their presence.”

Great crested newts are a European protected species, which means it is an offence to disturb them without a special licence.

“This is a rare opportunity for volunteers to see the newts up close and we hope to find more around the borough’s other nature reserves,” added Morgan.

The volunteers taking part in the survey are from all over the Black Country and surrounding areas and the council’s countryside services team is always keen to attract more.

Anyone interested in volunteering must be over 18 and have their own transportation.

People can follow the adventures of the survey team on twitter @walsallwildlife for live updates of what’s going on and where.  More information is also available from Morgan by email at bowersm@walsall.gov.uk.

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2 Responses to Rare great crested newts found on North Common

  1. Mick P says:

    Great news. The North Common is a real treasure. I eagerly away Sir David Attenborough’s visit. Do you think he’d prefer Cinnamon, or perhaps a pub meal at The Railway? Decisions, decisions…

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