Petition launched to improve play area on Common

A petition has been launched to get the play area on Pelsall Common upgraded.

Led by the three ward councillors, Marco Longhi, Garry Perry and Oliver Bennett, the petition calls for improved facilities.

“The existing play area has served Pelsall children well but it is in need of replacement,” it says.

“Fewer parents bring their children to use the play area because of its condition. We are petitioning the local authority to invest and make every effort to support any grant funding to replace the play area.”

Councillor Longhi said that council officers are trying to source grant funding in addition to the funding secured through the Council’s capital programme and Section 106 monies

A £40k external grant bid, submitted by the Friends of Pelsall Common Group and Walsall Council GIS, will be sent to Cory Environmental Trust in Britain. The deadline for applications is April 22 and the outcome should be know by the beginning of June.

“Previous grant funding applications have shown that the greater the community support provided the greater the chances of success – so PLEASE support our campaign and sign our petition,” said Councillor Longhi.


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3 Responses to Petition launched to improve play area on Common

  1. themushorom says:

    Tell your councillors they could have had the money the council spent on a play area in The Butts but I forgot, our tory council wasted that money a ‘working smarter initative’ where they spent the cash without asking the local residents and six months later ripped out the play equipment when the residents complained. Has this new found zeal for local kids got anything o do with Cllr Longi being up for relection? Er, yes.

  2. John Marsh says:

    How do I sign this petition then ???

    • CommonPeople says:

      Hi John – If you click the word petition in the first or second paragraph it should take you directly to the petition site, where you can sign up 🙂

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