Coun Longhi calls for barrier to be installed

Councillor Marco Longhi has written about his frustration at the lack of action by private landowners and Walsall Council to build a barrier on land that is frequented by travellers.

Coun Longhi  said he was angry that despite assurances two years ago no barrier had been installed on the private land, in Walsall Road, Pelsall. The problem has been a source of concern for nearby residents for years, who have complained repeatedly about the misuse of the site.

Although the land is privately owned, the local authority agreed to erect a barrier after lobbying by local councillors, but nothing has been done.

However, last month, shortly after a group of travellers left the site, a skip filled with concrete was placed at the entrance to the site as a way of stopping more unauthorised campers. But it was quickly removed and replaced with a small mound of soil and concrete blocks.

It has now been replaced with two small bollards.

“We now have two thin concrete posts, no greater than 4″ square that will no doubt be obstructive to an oversized baby buggy – but will they stop vehicles or indeed a determined traveller armed with van/tipper/4 x 4? I’m not so sure,” says Coun Longhi.

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