Civic Society condemns bridge plans

Andrew Weller, chairman of the Pelsall Civic Society, says the plans to demolish York’s Bridge would be disastrous for the village

We have to ask ourselves why do the authorities want to spend up to £4 million replacing two bridge on one lane? The first bridge has been replaced, York’s bridge is intended to be next.

Previous comments suggest we have to accept that a new bridge is to be built and that a campaign needs to be started to preserve the old bridge.

Pelsall Civic Society don’t see the need for a new bridge, as this would be disastrous for our village.

When we talk of the traffic increasing as a result of this new bridge been built, one of the main objections to this plan if allowed, as far we are concerned is the massive increase in heavy goods vehicles passing through our village and all the problems associated with this, ie. road safety for pedestrians, our village will become a rat run/shortcut, noise, pollution, damage to our existing roads and an increase in vibration to properties along Wolverhampton and Norton Road.

We are a small village and our roads cannot cope with the volume of traffic this project if allowed will create.

Past Incidents
Regarding incidents that have occurred at York’s Bridge over the years, these could have been prevented or reduced. To date, there isn’t one sign informing motorists travelling either way that this bridge requires care when approaching and crossing?

It has been known locally for many years that there are valuable resources in the fields adjacent Lime Lane, Coal and Clay.

The Civic Society believe the authorities are making preparation plans long term regarding the replacement of bridges along Lime Lane, the extraction of the coal and clay, we have photographs of the coal and clay samples showing that they are at a depth of 57.5 metres – 185 feet in old money.

We can only assume by spending this amount of money on replacing the two bridges there are to be big gains long term, ie. after the extraction of the resources, a hole to be filled, a long term landfill site, as we know more and more rubbish is being recycled that means less landfill, it also means a landfill as big as this is going to take much longer to fill, many years.

Our village will see lorries coming from far and wide to dump rubbish; Pelsall had a landfill site up the Wood during the 1960s, the Grove landfill site bordering Pelsall. It is now coming to an end. Is it fair we should have another one?

We believe these are the true intentions and reasons for the bridge replacements.

Our message to those who have made comments and all residents of our village. We should be starting a campaign to stop this new bridge been built in the first place.

The authorities can repair the existing bridge, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, implement traffic calming measures and enforce the existing 10 tonne weight restriction. Problem Solved
Andrew Weller,
Chair, Pelsall Civic Society

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4 Responses to Civic Society condemns bridge plans

  1. Pat McSweeney says:

    Is this not a sledhammer to crack a nut approach to a problem why change a bridge
    that with traffic lights installed could carry the light traffic ……..under 10 tons safely
    to and from Pelsall,We have bridges in the area that were in need of change 30 years
    ago i.e the Black cock bridge I am sure that people living nearby would not miss the
    blast of horns when a vehicle passes over it.Leave Yorks bridge as part of Pelsall’s
    industrial past it payed enough for it!.

    • Garry Perry says:

      There are some valid arguments made here – I can categorically assure you that as far as Im aware there are NO plans to extract Coal from here in the immediate future – NO officer has briefed me or to my knowledge my colleagues, on any such a suggestion. However we are aware,as are many residents that there are available mineral resources in this land – and as people will also be aware was recently purchased by a well known developer.

      This said – a watchful eye must be kept on any sign of such a proposal, and as Ward Cllr I assure you I will do my utmost to support the wishes of local people.

      Regarding the Bridge – the debate is ensuing with great pace – I am currently awaiting feedback from officers as to the detail of the consultation process and the options available that include doing nothing!

      There is NO money for this at the moment, and the discussion is on a proposal for funding. If it is clear there is no local support – and indeed there are no safety implications/risks that cannot be managed by way of doing nothing then this is what I will support.

  2. andrew weller says:

    York’s Bridge Update,
    Pelsall Civic Society have been informed that plans will be drawn up by officials regarding the
    replacement of York’s Bridge, public consultations will follow August, September this year.
    We will endeavor to keep all residents informed of the above consultations and any action we need to take to stop this bridge been built.
    We will not be put off by statements stating there are no short term plans to extract minerals from the adjoining fields.
    What happens in 4,5,7,8, years time once this new bridge is built.
    Again we have to ask ourselves, why spend nearly Four Million Pounds replacing two bridges?
    When there cheaper and quicker resolutions.
    Pelsall Civic Society

  3. Carolyn Bywater says:

    I hope that the councillers can contiinue to convey the outrage felt by local residents regarding the rebuilding of York bridge. We need to protect the heritage of this site NOT knock it down, and I haven’t spoken to anybody who thinks that it should be replaced. We do not want and see no need for heavier vehciles to travel through the village, which is already very busy. Please continue the presure to get this scheme SCRAPPED

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