Councillor condemns travellers on Common

Councillor Garry Perry has voiced his concern over a group of travellers that set up camp on the Common by the Old House at Home pub last night (Wednesday).

His attention was alerted to seven caravans that had camped there by a member of the public.

“This is most concerning,” he said. “In all the years I have lived in Pelsall, and certainly since I have represented the ward, I have never known such a public encroachment on our Common land – right in the centre of the village.

“I’m sure that officers will do all they can to ensure a most speedy and resolute action in moving them, should they remain on site in the morning.

“Given the recent high proportion of incursions across Walsall in the last few days, and the excellent work by officers in moving the travellers on, it is definitely important that as a community we remain vigilant to the threat that the incursions pose to our areas of green space and special interest.

“Where possible encouragement should be given for the travellers to move to LA sites across the Black Country or other areas permissible.

“The encroachment on the Common or any other area of our village will not be tolerated.”

Last month, landowners in Walsall Road, Pelsall, installed bollards to stop travellers using the land.

Update, 9.50am: Council officers are conducting a site visit soon and will be liaising with police to serve notice on them to leave the land immediately today.

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8 Responses to Councillor condemns travellers on Common

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    What I fail to understand is why special procedures need to be followed in this case – serving notice to leave, etc. They are vehicles, and there are well-established by-laws forbidding vehicles on Pelsall Common. Surely they can simply be ordered off immediately under these existing by-laws?

  2. janet says:

    Four o’clock and the caravans are still on the common and show no signs of leaving 😦

  3. The Council has served its notices! In fact this was done at lunchtime today. The Police have to do their bit – as of 5.09pm they are currently in the process of dealing with it.

    They have been given notice to quit – the status of the land is irrelevent as there is (and I dont agree with it), legislation in place that has to be followed, i.e welfare checks made, authority to quit sourced (easier in this case as its the Council) and then the police have to agree a time with the travellers for them to be off the Land or be forced off. We are now in their hands. Please note – I was on site when the rest of Pelsall was sleeping, at 11.30pm last night, I e-mailed Officers at the same time in order for immediate attention this morning, which they have done.

    Throughout the day we have kept the pressure on and been regularly updated on progress. I hope that the Police notice can be served shortly and the travellers moved on this evening!

  4. Paul Vincent says:

    Thanks for the work you’ve been doing on this, Garry. It seems a shocking loophole that (apparently) these procedures have to be gone through each time they’re moved on, even if the previous “move” was from somewhere in the same borough (in this case, I believe they were moved from Manor Farm a mere 2 hours before they landed on Pelsall Common. Shouldn’t these notices to quit apply to the entire Walsall borough, and not just to one particular plot of land? It would save an awful lot of time and effort which has to be expended each time they’re moved on.

    • Councillor Garry Perry says:

      Hi Paul.
      Its the Law! the so called European Court of Human Rights Act affords certain rights to individuals which was adopted in statute by the previous Government. In Walsall we have very good record in the removal of incursions, usually within a 24/48 hour period when on Council owned Land. However, if following the welfare check made by police/traveller liaison officer, welfare needs are identified, then this can delay the process. On private Land its a different situation, Council Officers/Police will still carry out their visit, but then the Landowner has to be identified, contacted and advised on the process in gaining a court order to obtain removal from the Land. Sometimes this is easier than others, it all depends on the land owner.

  5. martin says:

    well done councillor, hope you’re pleased with yourself.
    where will these people go? where will their kids get schooling? how will they get medical attention?
    who cares? they’re off our (tory) village green; let them go and pitch up somewhere else and be someone else’s problem
    as with many things in Walsall, you haven’t solved the problem, you’ve merely moved it out of public view

  6. sheila creed says:

    Don’t know where I have been the last few days but I have not heard or seen these caravans on the common, but on reading the comments here I can recall travellers parking on the common over the road from pelsall village medical centre about 3 years ago one evening I heard them pulling on about 11pm at night and they stayed till moved on.
    We have endured all sorts of parking problems these last 2 years while the new medical centre was being built and nothing was done to solve ordinary folk parking on the commons which is still being flaunted today although there is a brand new carpark people still insist parking on the common, my worry at the moment is wondering where people will park once these new parking restrictions come into force and they can no longer park along the main road infront of the medical centre, we may find we have other visitors to worry about other than travellers on the common.

    • CommonPeople says:

      This story is from 2011, Sheila! I know from other comments that parking is still an issue by the new centre. I wonder if the new signs etc that are due will make a difference?

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