Travellers moved on

The travellers who had set up camp on Pelsall Common, in the centre of the village, left last night (Thursday).

The group of 12 caravans arrived at the Common, on Norton Road, opposite the old library building, on Wednesday evening.

Walsall Council officials served an enforcement notice at lunchtime yesterday and police also carried out checks.

John Beavon, interim Regulatory Services manager said: “An enforcement was served on the group yesterday afternoon and they had left the site by early evening.”

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4 Responses to Travellers moved on

  1. Karen Clifft says:

    Its great news that it has been dealt with so quickly! Its a pity that it cant happen this fast when they are on privately owned land.

  2. Janet says:

    I wonder how much this little event has cost the local council tax payer?

  3. martin says:

    and where have these people been forced to move?
    another nimby village somewhere?
    the kids won’t be attending school , capable adults won’t be looking for jobs, but it’s OK, they’e been moved on quickly and efficiently

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