Shelfield Community Academy judged “outstanding”

Shelfield Community Academy has been judged as “outstanding” in its Ofsted inspection.

The school, which became a community academy in January 2009 and is currently undergoing a £22.5 million rebuild, was told that its “drive and ambition from leaders to ensure that all students achieve is central to the reason the academy is judged outstanding”.

The report said that achievement had “risen rapidly so that results at the end of Key Stage 4 are often well above average, particularly in vocational courses, and results in mathematics and English are now broadly average”.

It also said that the school was “highly effective” in raising aspirations of the pupils and praised the staff for improving the quality of teaching.

It said a large majority of lessons were “good” and the proportion of outstanding teaching had increased considerably. The number of “lessons judged as “satisfactory” had dropped to a small minority, says the report.

Achievement and teaching is good, while leadership and pupil behaviour was judged as outstanding.

Inspectors visited the school between June 15 and 16, observing 61 lessons; pupils in the Success Centre (who often have been excluded from other schools or are in danger of being excluded) and examined 214 parent and carer questionnaires, 102 staff questionnaires and 122 student questionnaires.

School principal Bernard Dickenson said: “We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection.

“To be judged as outstanding reflects the progress and standards at the academy.  However, we will not be resting on our laurels, there is still much to do and to achieve.

“We have already started on the next stage of development, which will begin with the completion of phase one of our building programme.”

The inspectors said the school needed to continue to raise achievement in the sixth form by ensuring that students’ targets are realistic and challenging and that lessons consistently challenge students of all abilities within each group, particularly the most able.

  • About 19 per cent of schools are judged to be outstanding in their Ofsted inspections.
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2 Responses to Shelfield Community Academy judged “outstanding”

  1. martin says:

    About 19 per cent of schools are judged to be outstanding in their Ofsted inspections….how many in Walsall/SERCO’s control?
    (clue: Academies are outside local authority control)

    • CommonPeople says:

      Good question! Wonder if Serco would answer that … the link was to national figures (obviously). Thanka for cimmenting.

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