Complaint over left litter after carnival

The carnival was a great success – by all accounts – but a reader has emailed these photographs of the rubbish that is still in the village at 6pm tonight.

She writes: “I do wonder what has happened to the clean up?  The village is an absolute disgrace today, rubbish flying around all over the roads, the bins are overflowing and not a dust cart in site.

“I took these pictures just after 6.00 pm this evening and it is really disappointing that the immediate residents are subjected to this amount of rubbish following events in the village. 

“Why has sufficient cleaning not been put in place to clean up after the carnival, and when can we expect this mess to be removed? The pictures below are only of the area around the Millennium Stone, the Clock and outside the High Street shops – not taking into account the common areas!

I am all for promoting the village and involving the community in local events and taking real pride in what Pelsall can offer its residents, and to show other local areas what a wonderful place it is, but the mess that has been left behind is not very appealing.

“In past years, the clean-up has always been really good.  Following the Victorian Market the bins/rubbish was cleaned up almost immediately.  I am hopeful this is not what we can expect following the forthcoming Music Festival.”


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10 Responses to Complaint over left litter after carnival

  1. Dawn Hadley says:

    the few volunteers who turn up on the sunday after carnival to clean up the mess left behind worked hard for several hours this morning and returned at 6pm to finish the job unfortunately people only report the bad not he good perhaps the person concerned would like to send you photographs of how the common looks now

    • CommonPeople says:

      Thanks for commenting. The writer, who lives in the village, does acknowledge that the pictures aren’t of the common and also says that in previous years it was taken away sooner.

      • Dawn Hadley says:

        That’s because there was a lot more litter and a lot less volunteers this year and it was so hot we had to take a break until it cooled down unfortunately. However as much as possible has been removed now and the council should remove the rest in the morning hopefully

  2. Jayne Preston says:

    Surely the responsibility of the clean-up of the highways and streets belongs to the local authority? Has the person in question checked with the authority first – they may be reasons as to why they couldn’t come out today? Also perhaps food outlets could take a bit more responsibility nowadays in helping out too considering the amount of chip papers for example? It is a shame that people do leave their rubbish instead of taking it home but on a positive loads do use the bins. And bins were filled up on the common!

    My 11 year old daughter and I turned up tonight and helped clean up the Common voluntarily – on my fb is a picture of the skip full of rubbish just taken off the common by all of the volunteers today – many who have been there since this morning. It was hard work but good fun and I am sure that more volunteers would always be welcome to help out at any event on the Common and in the village.

    Fortunatly the fact of large amounts of rubbish being left around the village as exampled is a rarity and should not deter people from doing community events – something this village is well known for and be encouraged to do so.

    • CommonPeople says:

      Thanks for commenting. I doubt very much the criticisms were aimed at the band of volunteers, but it would be interesting to find out why the bags weren’t collected. Are they normally removed on the Sunday? Have asked carnival committee to explain the usual procedure so that villagers can understand why things happen the way they do.

  3. martin says:

    I drove past at 8.30ish this morning (Sunday) and I was shocked at the amount of rubbish that was lying around.
    I imagine Ciir Harris/Pat Collins did OK out of it though – are they paying for the cleanup? Doesn’t look like it, only volunteers cleaning up, no sign of any ‘professional’ cleanup.
    I don’t suppose the council crews will be out until Monday because there’s no way any council employee is going to work a weekend.
    Here’s a thought – hold the thing on a Sunday, that way the crap is only littering the common for 24 hours.

  4. Dawn Hadley says:

    The Sunday clean up of the common has always been done by the committee and a small band of volunteers which in recent years has diminished to just a few individuals and we try to get it sorted as soon as possible however like this year it some times take a little longer.We do put several announcements out on carnival day its self for people to come along at 10 o clock Sunday morning to help. However we have very few people who actually do. this year the only volunteers besides the committee were our carnival queen Zoe and her family,our princess Aimee,a local lady and her 11 yr old daughter and a young local lad.We are required to have cleaned the common by midnight on the Sunday which I think was done in ample time and also we have done extra areas around which we aren’t required to do. Perhaps next year the common people could put a plea for volunteers on here and maybe then we can do the job quicker .

    • CommonPeople says:

      We’d be more than happy to put out a plea for more people to help with the carnival committee at all stages. Feel free to email at any time if there are meetings etc and they will be uploaded as quickly as possible afterwards.

    • Andy Venables says:

      “Perhaps next year the common people could put a plea for volunteers on here and maybe then we can do the job quicker ”
      – sounds like a great idea and I hope it gets a positive response

    • martin says:

      Even if you get the mess cleaned up by midnight on sunday, the common is still effectively out of use all day Sunday; I couldn’t take my kids on there for a kickabout or on the palyground for fear of broken glass, food waste or worse.
      It’s not good enough to have such haphazard arrangments in place; I have no doubt that hours went into preparation, but equal attention needs to be given to the aftermath.

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