More volunteers needed for clean-up, says carnival organiser

Ian Rhydderch, chairman of the Pelsall Carnival Committee, has responded to photographs of litter in the village after the carnival on Saturday.

He says: “Pelsall Carnival Committee is responsible to leave the Victoria Road/Norton Road commons as they are found at the start of Carnival preparations.

“In previous years the Carnival Committee members have managed to clean the commons in one session on the Sunday morning, however, the Carnival 2011 saw a lot more people visiting, which meant there was more rubbish to be cleaned up.

“We have all day Sunday to clean the commons until midnight and they were finally clean at approximately 8.30pm.

“Can the person who took the photographs please make sure they get their facts correct in future before making their opinion public knowledge, or failing that they could even volunteer to help with the clean up operation, that way it would get done quicker!”

More than 10,000 people visited the carnival on Saturday. (corrected from figure of 20,000)

update: July 5:

Ian Rhydderch: After viewing the photos taken by the lady concerned about Pelsall’s littered commons, I have to state that at 6.15 on Sunday night I personally was cleaning up the area around the Cenotaph and the Queens and spotted the lady in question, however, I was  unaware that the lady taking the photos intended to use them in such a hurtful way.

If she has the strength of character, then can she please come to our next Committee meeting on Monday 11th July at  Pelsall Community Centre beginning at 7.30pm.

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One Response to More volunteers needed for clean-up, says carnival organiser

  1. stuartwilliamsStuart Williams says:

    I have a lot of sympathy with Carnival Committee members and volunteers everywhere, not just in Pelsall or indeed Bloxwich where I live. There are thousands of people who are only too delighted to take advantage of free public events like this but wouldn’t dream of helping out. Let them look to their own commitment to the community and such events which do so much for that community before whingeing. As to the “Litterati” who leave behind all this stuff, if litter bye-laws were ever enforced then they might learn the lesson, but sadly that seems unlikely, especially with such draconian Government cuts being enforced on Council spending.

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