St Michaels Church launches urgent fundraising appeal

St Michael’s Church has launched an urgent fundraising appeal to pay for £35,000 repairs to its tower and £27,000 to refurbish the church hall.

St Michael and All Angels Church, Pelsall

It is feared that if the money cannot be found to fund the tower repairs, the church’s bells may not be able to peal.

New finials need fitting, the gutters and outlets need replacing and enlarging, the stonework needs repointing, roof timbers need replacing and the whole roof then needs recladding.

Although the church, in Church Road, has some funding to pay for the urgent work, it needs to raise enough to be able to pay for the entire repairs.

“For over 150 years the church has been at the spiritual and religious heart of the village,” says Paul Keen, from St Michael and All Angels Church.

“Over the years it has been extended in various ways to become the building we know today.

“During this time repairs and modifications to the building have been carried out and over the past 20 years the roof of the tower as been a cause for concern.

“We have now reached the point where major work is required on the tower. Although we have some money for this we do not have enough to complete the work required and this may mean that we may have to stop ringing the bells.”

Church Hall

The church is also looking to raise funds to bring the “very shabby” church hall up to standard.

Its priority is to repair the roof as a matter of urgency.

“We have been discussing what to do with the hall for two years and it is hoped to refurbish it over the next five to six years and bring it up to modern standards. At the moment it is looking very shabby,” said Mr Keen.

It is feared that the church hall may be forced to close if it cannot raise enough funds.

Members of the congregation have started to collect gold or silver items such as broken chains and odd earrings as a way to raise much-needed funds.

If anyone can help with fundraising or donations, contact Rev Preb Carl Ramsay, 39 Hall Lane, Pelsall.



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2 Responses to St Michaels Church launches urgent fundraising appeal

  1. Andrew says:

    I am sure that some one in the Diocesan office can assist you with this. There are probably a dozen trusts that, between them, can provide the £62,000 needed. If the parish will accept lottery funds there is another £10,000 available nine weeks after the applicatioon is submitted (provided that it succeeds).

    The sad thing is that Walsall Council used to have a team of people to help with this sort of thing. All are now gone as a result of spending cuts.

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