Check your Beko fridge freezer, advise trading standards

Walsall trading standards officers are urging residents to check their Beko fridge freezers after a national warning was issued about a potential fire risk.

London Fire Brigade has warned that the latest fire risk could affect up to 500,000 Beko fridge freezers so trading standards officers in Walsall have urged people to check their appliances to see if they were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006.

The affected fridge freezers have so far been linked to 20 fires in London since 2008, and these incidents are thought to have led to 15 injuries and one death.

Councillor Zahid Ali, cabinet member for communities and partnerships at Walsall Council, said: “We are urging residents who have a Beko fridge freezer to double check the model number and contact the Beko helpline if they are concerned. It is better to be safe than sorry,” he added.

You can also visit the Beko website to check online

The model numbers of the fridge freezers are:

CA 5411FFS (silver)
CA 5411FFW (white)
CA 5411FFX (stainless steel)

CA 7014FFX (stainless steel)

CA7015FFW (white)
CA7015FFS (silver)
CA7015 FFX (stainless steel)

CDA 539FS (silver)
CDA 539FW (white)
CDA 539FX (stainless steel)

CDA 543FS (silver)
CDA 543FW (white)
CDA 543FX (stainless steel)

CDA 645FW (white)

CDA 647FS (silver)
CDA 647FW (white)

CDA 648FS (silver)
CDA 648FW (white)

CDA 653FS (silver)
CDA 653FW (white)
CDA 653FX (stainless steel)

CDA 659FS (silver)

CDA751FS (silver)
CDA751FX (stainless steel)

CDA752FS (silver)
CDA752FW (white)
CDA752FX (stainless steel)

CS460FFS (silver)

CS461FFW (white)
CS461FFS (silver)


CSB4606FFS (silver)
CSB4606FFW (white)

If your appliance is on the list, call the Beko helpline on 0800 009 4837 immediately and Beko will advise what steps have to be taken.

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