Live music festival in Pelsall this week

Pelsall is gearing up for its first live music event in decades.

“Pelsall Music Live” takes place on Saturday, July 30, on the Common and will be a free community event that showcases local talent.

Co-organised by Pelsall Pride Partnership, local musicians and Walsall Council parks team, festival goers will be able to visit two different marquees, each featuring local talent.

Visitors to the Electric Pride Marquee will be able to enjoy an eclectic mix of electric rock, pop and indie music from popular local bands, while those in search of a more mellow listening experience will find what they’re looking for in The Vanessa Bridge Acoustic Marquee, where students from local schools feature on the same bill as established professional folk, blues, and country artists

The event is free to attend. It will also be alcohol-free.

Telephone 07960 503 512 for further details.

Play list:

Electric Pride Marquee

11am-noon –  Type 40

noon-1pm- Beechwood

1pm-2pm- The Lock In

2pm-3pm-Sweet Deliverance

3pm-4pm-The Arkhamists

4pm-5pm- The  2 n’ 8s (from Pelsall)

5pm-6pm- Owamya

The Vanessa Bridge Acoustic Marquee

11am-11.30 am- Ryders Hayes  Community Academy

11.30am-noon – Hit Squad

12pm-12.30 pm- Fiddler on the Hoof

12.30-1.10 pm – Andy and Ali Cargill

1.10pm-1.20 pm- Break

1.20pm-2pm- Shelfield Community Academy Btec Students  (2 bands)

2pm-3pm- Pete Kelly

3pm-4pm -The Jimmy Band  (Featuring Trouble ‘n’ Strife)

4pm-5pm- Chuck Micallef

5pm-6pm- Tony Portlock and Matt Thorpe

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One Response to Live music festival in Pelsall this week

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    Might be useful to say that the answer to the question “exactly where on the common?” seems to be “opposite the Railway pub”. Mind you, I’m still wondering how much separation there’s going to be between the two marquees – if it’s much less than a couple of hundred metres, the electric marquee’s liable to drown out the acoustic acts, unless their amps are turned v-e-r-y low…

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