Pelsall could be part of Walsall North constituency

Aldridge-Brownhills parliamentary constituency, to which Pelsall belongs, could disappear under new Boundary Commissions plans.

Boundary Commission changes have been published/ Photo: Electoral Commission

Under cost-cutting proposals, the number of parliamentary constituencies could be cut from 650 to 600.

It means Walsall would lose one MP and the bulk of Aldridge-Brownhills, which is served by the Conservative Richard Shepherd MP, would be transferred to Walsall North.

Walsall South would also include New Oscott, a Birmingham City Council ward, and Sandwell’s Great Barr ward.

If the changes go ahead, the West Midlands will lose five MPs altogether, reducing constituencies from 59 to 54.

You can have your say on the proposed changes by logging onto the Boundary Commission website and download a pdf to see what the Walsall North constituency would look like.

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9 Responses to Pelsall could be part of Walsall North constituency

  1. Councillor Garry Perry says:

    This is slightly incorrect, Walsall would still have 3 MP’s, albeit a new Constituency of Walsall West would be created. Aldridge -Brownhills would no longer exist and become part of Walsall North and South.
    Im very uneasy about Pelsall becoming part of Walsall North and will seek residents views on this before making any necessary and valid representations to the boundary commission.

    • CommonPeople says:

      Is Walsall West Bilston/Wednesbury and not Walsall? Apologies if I read the Boundary Commission report wrongly. I saw Walsall West, but it seemed to be out of the borough.

      • Glad to have left Walsall :-) says:

        Walsall West appears to include parts of Bilston (Bradley and the town centre) but none of Wednesbury. Otherwise it is Leamore, Beechdale, Darlo, Willenhall, Alumwell, Pleck and Short Heath – all parts of Walsall.

        It is not atypical for constituency boundaries to exceed council boundaries, and is really unavoidable with the reduction of MPs.

        There is a great zoomable interactive map on the Guardian website comparing the existing and proposed boundaries:

        As for Councillor Perry, I will laugh myself to sleep tonight safe in the knowledge that your Tory ‘village’ (ahem), will be part of perpetually old labour Walsall North!!! Serves you Tories right for absolutely trashing Walsall to the verge of non-existence :-).

        BTW, I support neither party, so this is not partisan – I just particularly hate Walsall Tories for what has happened to my beloved town of Walsall, forcing me to leave in search of a tolerable existence. Walsall could have been a rival to Wolverhampton twenty years ago, now it can’t rival Cannock.

  2. Personally, I find this hilarious.
    For 30 years we’ve had an MP that’s never once given a surgery in Brownhills, preferring to serve his voters in Aldridge, and only ever turns up for positive events.
    What’s scaring the horses is the thought that fur coat an no knickers Pelsall might suddenly be allied with – shock horror – poorer parts of the borough.
    I, for one welcome our new north Walsall overloads and the dose of reality they may bring to local politics.
    Best wishes


  3. Councillor Garry Perry says:

    Hi, No Bilston East becomes part of a new Walsall West, hence – Walsall North, South, West, 20 Wards and still 60 Cllrs.

  4. Councillor Garry Perry says:

    I have no issue with so called poorer areas please do not presume otherwise. I have a duty to promote the interests of those who I serve that is all I am doing – why do people have to get so personal.

    • ianrobo says:

      Garry, thats fine, so Pelsall residents may prefer something else. your tory colleagues in erdington are delighted traditional ties are broken as they gain a Sutton Ward, any comments on that ?

  5. Councillor Garry Perry says:

    I am sure they do. Honestly some are only interested in the political dimensions of the changes, it is sad, but a fact that regardless of the need to reduce the number of MP’s it is does appear an attempt in some areas to increase or decrease the voting viability of one party or another. Well I am not interested in the Politics, I am only concerned as to the natural binding of communities and ensuring that residents fully understand what is happening. That said, there are bigger issues to tackle in the coming months/years.

  6. Personally I think Bloxwich, Little Bloxwich, Blakenall Heath, Leamore and Birchills should join forces and revive Walsall Foreign.

    Oh yes, and secede from the non-existent and pointless West Midlands (aka Greater Brum)and move back into Staffordshire while we’re at it.

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