Mayor of Walsall dances on ice (nearly)

Hundreds of people descended on Pelsall today for the Christmas Fair.

Coun Perry Garry loses his footing on the ice rink. Pictures/Jayne Howarth

Opened by the Mayor of Walsall, Coun Garry Perry, the fair had rides, entertainment and many craft stalls and those that were raising funds for local charities.

An ice rink was this year’s newest attraction, which Coun Perry gamely tried out in his Mayoral gown and chains – with inevitable results!


Zoe from English takeaway Eatso

A balloon modeller prepares to make a gift for Layla

It is hoped the event, organised by Pelsall Pride Partnership and sponsored by the Co-op, will raise thousands of pounds for local good causes.

Santa and donkey

Walsall's unofficial town crier Cyril Richardson announces the opening of the Christmas Fair

Coun Garry Perry is given a penguin to aid his balance

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One Response to Mayor of Walsall dances on ice (nearly)

  1. Sue Hill says:

    Jayne – great pics! I missed the Mayor taking a tumble so this is brill!

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