Walsall man given an ASBO

A Walsall man has been given an ASBO after “aggressive begging” in Pelsall and other areas of the town.

Walsall Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Unit, working  with West Midlands Police, successfully obtained an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) against Robert Jeffery, aged 27, who was “causing distress to residents on a Walsall estate”.

A spokesman for Walsall Council said: “The order was issued by Walsall Magistrates and was made against Jeffery who had been behaving anti socially in and around Pelsall and other areas of the borough.

“Most of the anti social behaviour related to alcohol consumption and included aggressive begging and intimidating behaviour which on occasions was targeted at the elderly or lone females.

“The ASBO contained a number of prohibitions including not being drunk in a public place, not begging or loitering for the purpose of begging and not being able to enter certain areas in Pelsall where much of the anti-social behaviour occurred.

“Breach of the order is a criminal offence that can lead to a fine or imprisonment.  The order was granted for a period of three years.”

Mick Birch, deputy chair of Safer Walsall Partnership, said: “The ASBO is a positive outcome for the residents of Walsall, particularly those who reside in the Pelsall area and demonstrates the commitment of the council and its partners to tackle those who commit anti social behaviour.”

No address was given for Jeffrey.

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