Garden design competition offers cash prize

A £50 prize is being offered in a competition to design a woodland area that is being created at Pelsall Hall Care Home.

The gardens at the care home for the elderly are being refurbished and the community team from Mid Counties Co-op have started to clear the area in readiness for the new woodland area.

Residents are looking forward to their new garden at Pelsall Hall Care Home, Paradise Lane

The residents will also have an area where they can grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Now, the home is launching a competition, open to all children and young people up to the age of 18, to design the perfect spot for a shaded area that measures approximately 14ft by 14ft.

Fiona McCracken, from the care home, said: “You could design a seating area, or a wildlife area, a reminiscence area, a themed area. Anything you like.

It is a woodland area, which means there is little sun getting through, so think about shade loving plants.”

The design should not include pools or water and it has to be sufficiently spacious for wheelchairs.

What to do:

  • Draw your ideas on A4 paper showing how you want your area to look with labels to describe the ideas or a description on an-other page.
  • Think of a name for your garden and add that to your entry.
  • Ad your name address, school details and a telephone number on the back of your entry.
  • Send the completed drawing to: Fiona McCracken, Garden Competition, Pelsall Hall Care Home, Paradise Lane, Pelsall Walsall WS3 4JW.

The closing date is June 30, 2012.


Residents of Pelsall Hall Care Home and pupils of St Michael’s School with their hand-crafted Diamond Jubilee goodies

Meanwhile, residents have enjoyed their final craft club with pupils from St Michael’s School, Maple Road.

Youngsters from Years 3 and 4 have gone weekly to the home to take part in craft sessions with the elderly residents.

A spokesman for the school said: “The children have found it a very rewarding experience and I believe have developed a genuine attachment to the residents they have worked with.

“The boys certainly enjoyed being told about wartime years and being shown which way up the Union Jack should be flown. The residents clearly enjoyed the company of the children as the smiles show.

“We would recommend any school to ‘adopt’ a similar home and enjoy an hour or so with surrogate grandparents.”

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