Council tries to clarify recycling leaflet

Concern has been raised about the new recycling leaflet that has been posted to residents by Walsall Council after the list of recyclables appears to have been reduced.

The new leaflet, which is being distributed across the borough, omits carrier bags, tin foil and takeaway containers, which were previously permitted.

However, after a series of Twitter comments and questions from residents across the borough, the authority has tried to clarify the situation.

A spokesman tweeting for the council said the authority had been concerned about contamination at recycling plants, particularly food waste and the wrong type of plastic being included.

“Some residents have been putting the wrong type of plastics or dirty plastics in their bin, for example bin bags full of food, dirty food trays, toys and electrical goods,” he said.

He tweeted a number of messages about what can and cannot be included:

What is allowed (in addition to what is mentioned in the leaflet)

White ready meal plastic food trays BUT ONLY if they’ve been washed clean. If left unclean they can be put in the grey rubbish bin. (Black plastic food trays are NOT allowed in green bins because they are not made from material that is recyclable.)

Supermarket carrier bags.

CLEAN tin foil that you get off a roll to cook food can be included, as well as CLEAN tin foil food trays.

The council said it is not using the PET 1,2,3  numbering system as a way of identifying recyclable items because some labelled as such cannot be recycled (eg, plastic washing-up bowls).

DO NOT PUT crisp packets, biscuit, choc & tea bag wrappers etc into the green bins.

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