Pelsall teen carries Olympic torch in Birmingham

Pelsall teenager Laura Birkbeck has completed a stint as Olympic torch bearer as part of the London 2012 torch relay today.

17-year-old Laura Birkbeck from Pelsall carries the Olympic torch in Birmingham. Picture/Vickie Heydon-Matterface

The 17-year-old carried the torch in Birmingham near the Bullring first thing this morning.

Here is the nomination on the official website that helped Laura to be chosen as one of the torch bearers:

“Laura has diabetes and has had hemiplegia and epilepsy since the age of three. She lacked self confidence and often became anxious which made life hard.

Laura at the Bullring, Birmingham, carrying the Olympic torch. Picture/Vickie Heydon-Matterface

“We have since seen Laura blossom into a much more confident young lady who faces her fears and continues to thrive, embracing the ethos of taking control of her own health condition and her life.

“She trained as a facilitator for the staying positive workshops and acts as a positive role model, she meets people younger than herself in order to support them with developing their confidence and realising their aspirations, she is a true inspiration.

“Laura now embraces being disabled and realises that her disability has given her many opportunities; she took part in a youth film aimed to educate others about disability and hopes to take part in an awareness campaign later this year.

“Without a doubt Laura is deserving of the opportunity to become involved in the Olympics.”

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