Railway Pub to re-open

It was reported tonight that the Railway Inn is to reopen tomorrow.

The pub in Victoria Road, which closed suddenly in June, will open  from 7pm.

Karen Hill, who launched a Facebook page called The Railway Inn Pelsall MUST Reopen, posted a message at 5pm to say that landlord Tom Osborne informed her that he will be opening the doors once more to the public.

Karen writes: “He says he doesn’t believe this would have happened without the support of this group and he is extremely grateful. I would like to thank everyone for your support and I hope to see you in there very soon!”

One of the members of the page, Adrian Thomas, added: “The pub means a lot to a lot of people, most of whom won’t know Karen. So on behalf of them I raise my glass to you both. Brilliant work.

“To everyone else who contributed and sent e-mails, thank you as well. It just shows how special the people who use this pub are. Good work everyone!”

Last month, Coun Garry Perry wrote to Solihull-based Enterprise Inns, which owns the pub, asking for assurances that the pub would re-open.

The Facebook page has 535 members.

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