Group launched to safeguard Countryside Services

A Facebook group has been launched in response to concerns over the future of Walsall’s Green Spaces and Countryside Services.

Pelsall North Common, by Vince O’Sullivan (Flikr:

Walsall Council is carrying out public consultations on 2013 budgetary proposals.

Although details have yet to be finalised, countryside campaigners in the town fear that £400,000 could be cut from Countryside Services, which looks after Walsall’s parks and open spaces.

Such cuts would lead to two of four Countryside Rangers, as well as other posts, being made redundant, they claim.

The Save Walsall’s Green Spaces and Countryside Servicesgroup was launched by Linda Mason, Secretary of Friends of Park Lime Pits.

“The group aims to put pressure on the council to reconsider the budget cuts,” she explained.

“Countryside Services and its staff is a real asset to the town and borough and provide a wealth of expertise, commitment and hard work in maintaining, promoting and improving all green spaces and local nature reserves.”

An e-petition has been formulated and submitted to the council for approval and the Group hopes that it will be available for signature by individuals later this week.

Although voluntary community groups help with Green Space maintenance, they can only function as effective groups with the leadership and support provided by Countryside Services staff.

Without them, the “green spaces of Walsall will suffer through lack of maintenance, vision and management”, fears Linda.

For details, visit

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