Updated: Bogus caller alert after elderly couple targeted

Rather than delete the post – which rather defeats the object – I’ve crossed it out –

Walsall Council has issued a recall notice – turns out the callers were genuine. As you were.

Bogus carers have called at the home of an elderly Pelsall couple, prompting a fresh plea from the council and police for residents to be on their guard.

The male and female callers claimed to be carers from Walsall Council’s social services when they struck at 3.30pm  on Thursday, January 10.

They said they had been sent to the couple’s home by police to check on them.

Both bogus carers were “chatty” and claimed to live locally. They did not have any identification on them and did not manage to get inside the couple’s home.

This incident was reported to Walsall Council’s adult safeguarding team.

Suzanne Joyner, Walsall Council head of community care, said: “The gentleman did the right thing and did not let these people in because he was suspicious.

“Residents should be aware that social care staff or carers do not usually turn up without making an appointment, but will always have identification with them.

“They would also not discuss details such as where they lived and this is clearly an attempt to gain someone’s trust to get inside their home.

“We are asking people to be on their guard and report any concerns to the police.

“Meanwhile, communities can do their bit by noting anyone behaving suspiciously and checking on elderly or vulnerable neighbours themselves.”

Walsall Council’s social care staff will be alerting service users and reminding them how to deter bogus officials.

Anyone who is concerned about the safety and wellbeing of an adult, whether they live in their own home or in residential accommodation, can report their concerns in a variety of ways.

They can contact the adult safeguarding team on 0845 111 2922 or Walsall’s third sector organisations such as Age UK or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

(Press release from Walsall Council – unedited)

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2 Responses to Updated: Bogus caller alert after elderly couple targeted

  1. Paul Vincent says:

    OK, so the callers were genuine. But that leaves some questions:

    Why didn’t they make an appointment?

    Why wouldn’t they show any id?

    Perhaps a Council Social Services spokesperson would care to answer these?

  2. Maureen Payton says:

    Still a tad concerned that two people with no ID can claim to be from Social Services and then be described as “genuine”. I hope they have been given a dressing down for their questionable action which may have caused distress and confusion to an elderly couple.

    Maureen Payton

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