Civic Society says new bridge would be ‘disastrous’ for Pelsall

The chair of Pelsall Civic Society has condemned plans to build a new bridge in the village.

Andrew Weller said the project would be “disastrous” for the village.

As reported yesterday, Walsall planners are seeking approval from councillors so that local opinion can be sought on de-registering some common land to make way for a new bridge.

But Mr Weller said Pelsall Civic Society were against the building of the new bridge because it would increase the number of HGVs passing through the village, turning it into a “rat run”

“Previous comments suggest we have to accept that a new bridge is to be built and that a campaign needs to be started to preserve the old bridge,” he said.

“One of the main objections to this plan if allowed is the massive increase in heavy goods vehicles passing through our village and all the problems associated with this.

“We are a small village and our roads cannot cope with the volume of traffic this project if allowed will create.”

He said the Society believed the bridge project was being used as a way to exploit the “valuable resources” of coal and clay in the fields adjacent Lime Lane.

“We can only assume by spending this amount of money on replacing the two bridges there are to be big gains long term, i.e. after the extraction of the resources, a hole to be filled, a long-term landfill site,” said Mr Weller.

“As we know, more rubbish is being recycled. That means less landfill; it also means a landfill as big as this is going to take much longer to fill – many years.

“Our village will see lorries coming from far and wide to dump rubbish,” he added.

The Pelsall Civic Society called for a campaign to stop the new bridge being built.

“Our message to those who have made comments and all residents of our village: we should be starting a campaign to stop this new bridge been built in the first place,” said Mr Weller.

“The authorities can repair the existing bridge at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, implement traffic calming measures and enforce the existing 10 tonne weight restriction. Problem solved.”

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7 Responses to Civic Society says new bridge would be ‘disastrous’ for Pelsall

  1. D.J.Pickrell says:

    Good luck in your fight to save this delightful old bridge. We had a similar situation on our local canal here in Brewood when the powers that be wished to demolish a lovely old bridge built by Thomas Telford. I managed to save the bridge by being present at the appropriate Planning Meeting. I was amazed that the chamber was only too happy to “nod” whole pages of applications through, and of course including this one. I was the only member at that time who even knew where the bridge was!!.So much for planning!!.

  2. Gerald Bradley says:

    We dont want a New Bridge It should be left as it is It will cause Heavy Goods Vehicles to use it more We have enough traffic now using the Wton Road

    Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 12:33:16 +0000 To:

  3. stymaster says:

    While I’d like to see the old bridge stay as is and no replacment, it isn’t up to it: look at it from the towpath and it’s clearly struggling and needs replacement. If you want to stop HGVs through the village, campaign for a 7.5T weight restriction south of the fingerpost on the B4154 Norton Rd. Wolverhampton Rd is an A road, so you have to accept heavy traffic.


    Re – Statement “The councillors said as well as succeeding in saving York’s Bridge they have further negotiated the resurfacing of Wolverhampton Road and Norton Road from the Fingerpost to the bridge and the introduction of weight restrictions from Norton Road into the village if the new bridge is finally given the go-ahead.” Weight restrictions from Wolverhampton Road into the village does not resolve the issue of heavy goods traveling backwards and forwrads along Norton Road from Wolverhampton Road north of the village: in spite of reassurances the risk is that HGV’s can travel along this road past the estates and houses lining the road and to the Fingerpost Pub.

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    One Response to Councillors seek to reassure villagers over bridge plans

    hapdaniel says:

    January 21, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Leave structures to deteriorate for long enough and demolition is a certainty. That is a major principle of property developers.


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  5. ROBERTO says:

    The York’s Foundry Bridge in Pelsall was as old if not older than York’s Bridge and yet it was strengthened and carried more traffic than York’s Bridge ever did. I do not believe the Council’s assertion that York’s Bridge cannot be strengthened. I seriously believe that the Council want to utilise the Governments bridge rebuilding grant to build a bridge with a 44 ton weight limit. This would enable very heavy lorries to travel along Norton Road to and from the Fingerpost. The purpose of this is still shrouded in secrecy by Walsall Council. 60 ACRES OF LAND BEHIND THE MOAT FARM HOUSING ESTATE HAVE WITHIN THE PAST 18 MONTHS BEEN SOLD TO A MAJOR LAND DEVELOPER. WHAT WILL THEY DO WITH THIS LAND??? If the Council push through their plans for a new bridge then for heavens sake and that of the residents, whose houses would be very close to the new bridge and highway, please knock the old bridge down, impose a weight limit of 15 tons and erect speed cameras on the approaches to both sides of the new bridge.

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