Civic society urges residents to have their say over York’s Bridge

Pelsall Civic Society is urging villagers to take part in the consultations about the proposed York’s Bridge development.

Walsall Council has announced a series of consultations across the borough during March and April so that residents can find out more about the planned scheme for a new bridge to be built alongside the historic York’s Bridge in Norton Road.

As part of the scheme, a small area of North Common will be deregistered to make way for building work and Moat Farm Pool on the corner of Wolverhampton Road/Norton Road will be transferred to common land status in a transfer.

Andrew Weller, chairman of Pelsall Civic Society, said: “We would urge all Pelsall residents to attend the meetings and ask questions.

“The Civic Society will be asking our local councillors to arrange public meetings so we can ask questions from a public meeting point of view rather than individual point of view where information can be confusing.

“We ask residents to also ask our councillors to call a public meeting as this proposal affects all village residents.”

For more information about the consultation, visit the Walsall Council website, which has a page dedicated to the proposed scheme. 


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4 Responses to Civic society urges residents to have their say over York’s Bridge

  1. Mr. Robert Vercesi says:

    Walsall Council’s proposal to build a new bridge alongside the existing York’s Bridge would involve taking common land. The Council propose transferring Moat Farm Pool to common land in exchange for this. The Council assume that they own Moat Farm Pool but they do not. When the private housing estate behind Moat Farm Pool was built by Tarmac and McClean Homes in 1984/1985 these developers also owned Moat Farm Pool. At the conclusion of the build they gifted Moat Farm Pool to the people of Pelsall NOT TO WALSALL COUNCIL. So think again Walsall Council!! There is no other land in Pelsall that can be converted into common land so Walsall Council’s plans are ill conceived. Knock York’s Bridge down and rebuild it to modern standards using as much of the original materials as possible I am quite sure that this would be entirely possible within the existing budget. This would satisfy those people who want York’s Bridge to remain and those residents who’s lives would be blighted forever by a new bridge right on top of their homes.

  2. Robert Vercesi says:

    I have had a change of heart after listening to the views of many Pelsall Residents. I now agree that the old York’s bridge needs to be retained. Furthermore, it needs to be repaired and strengthened. Pelsall Heritage Society and residents of Mallard Close, Pelsall have organised a petition of mostly local residents containing 260 signatures asking that no new bridge is built and calling for the old York’s Bridge to be repaired and strengthened. It is also possible that the old bridge could be widened thereby addressing the current problem of bad road alignment. There are a number of specialist companies in the U.K which are more than capable of strengthening and widening the bridge using as much of the existing brickwork as possible and retaining all the features and character of the old bridge. If any of you readers agree then please turn up at Walsall Council’s Planning Committee meeting at 5.30pm. Thursday 16 January 2014 when the application to build a new bridge will be heard.

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