Parking outside new Village Centre to be reviewed

Walsall Council is looking to resolve parking problems outside the new £4.5 million Village Centre after complaints about motorists’ views being blocked.

Concern has been raised about the double yellow lines falling short around the High Street junction that leads to the centre and the fact the drivers are unable to see properly when leaving the new car park.

Maureen Payton, of the Friends of Pelsall Commons, said: “The on-road parking makes leaving the car park quite hazardous as parked vehicles completely mask on-coming traffic as well as reducing the carriageway to single width so drivers ease out at their peril.

“I don’t like yellow lines but there needs to be some restriction to allow a clear view when leaving the site. At the moment it is not safe.

“There are bound to be teething problems with any new development but this needs some thought in the interest of road safety.”

The engineering and transportation department has agreed that the double yellow line needs to be extended around the junction and has hinted that it could be extended further.

It will also look at adding signage to encourage drivers to park on the public car park because some believe it is a private facility that would result in them getting fined.

Coun Marco Longhi said he was opposed to double yellow line restrictions outside the centre but urged the authority to include roadside disabled parking spaces outside the centre in addition to car park signs.

The new library has longer opening hours than the old library and is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday 9am to 4pm. Unlike the old library it will stay open at lunchtimes.

Cllr Anthony Harris, portfolio holder for leisure and culture, said: “We’re delighted with the positive response we have had from local residents about the new library and the centre. It is an excellent facility.”

Pelsall Village Centre in High Street opened before Christmas when two GP practices opened their doors. It houses the library, a pharmacy and children’s centre along with health offices and treatment rooms on the ground floor and on the first floor there are the GP practices, waiting room and treatment rooms.




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8 Responses to Parking outside new Village Centre to be reviewed

  1. Linda cannon says:

    It’s not just issues with pulling out of the car park. It’s turning left from high street. Totally blind and dangerous. You can’t see of have any clue if traffic is coming down high field road. Only a matter of time before someone gets their car bonnet taken off. I have stopped driving up their and go round the finger post just to get to high field road north.

    • CommonPeople says:

      Thanks for commenting, Linda. It’s probably why the council is looking to extend the double yellow lines from the junction. It may help visibility on that turn.

  2. sheila creed says:

    Old Town Lane junction was the point of my objection to the village centre being built where it has been, purely because of the dangerous situation as i see it that when turning from old town lane onto highfield road its impossible to see what is coming from the right as cars are parked all along the roadside as when you come off the hight street its also impossible to see whats coming down highfield rd. we dont need other disabled parking bays on the high street we need double yellow lines its a must have as its only time before someone is injured or worse still killed .
    Why have the council made such a wide footpath outside of the medical centre ?what a waste if they had taken some of the footpath the road would have been wider and at least there would be good traffic flow along highfield rd lorries buses heavy traffic all adds to hazzards along this road so i for one would love to see double yellow lines.

    • CommonPeople says:

      Thanks for commenting. I’m certain all these comments will be read by the relevant officers.

      • Gerald Bradley says:

        Why cant we have a Car Park Opposite The Centre instead at the back of the Centre. Other Cars Park there.Also the Road down Highfield Road is a Disgrace there are Potholes every where. When you complain they keep saying it is the Bad Weather.It has been like that for 3 years. It is a waste of time complaining nobody listens.

      • CommonPeople says:

        Thank you for taking the time to comment. Let’s hope now all the work has been done that the craters in the road are repaired properly (not like the ones in High St, which have disintegrated within 12 months or so)

    • sheila creed says:

      On thinking further concerning the yellow lines I am now sure that a red route would would be more appropriate for outside the medical centre and along highfield road so no parking at anytime would be in place and the road a safer place .

  3. sheila creed says:

    Re-surfacing of Highfield Rd you would think should be a must do job at least it would enhance the new building along with double yellow lines. why another carpark ? the new carpark is alongside the medical centre free parking but folk still prefer to park along Highfield Rd and clogg up the road
    so if people dont use this carpark why have another.

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