New signs to encourage drivers to use car park

New signage is to be introduced at the car park that is located alongside the new Pelsall Village Centre following confusion over its status.

Coun Garry Perry said some people believe the car park is private, which means that drivers are not using the free facility.

“Whilst attending my recent advice surgery at the new centre I was surprised to see that there was just me and one other car parked on the car park,” he said. “I was stopped by a couple of residents on the way into the centre who said people are not using it because they are not sure whether it is free, and whether it is private.”

A Walsall Council engineer has visited the site on a number of occasions and believes that a new sign telling motorists that it is open to all and is free will encourage more people to use it.

The authority is also to introduce a mix of Prohibition of Waiting, Limited Waiting and a Disabled Bay outside the centre, but this will be discussed in May or June.


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7 Responses to New signs to encourage drivers to use car park

  1. sheila creed says:

    Why another disabled bay on the front of the building there are already four on the carpark ! limited waiting is not going to stop the congestion on the high street a red route would be more appropriate on this most dangerous corner in the village I hope there will be consultation about these plans for what to do for the best as far as safety is concerned .

  2. njhag says:

    Put a bus stop there, with a marked area that only the bus can use.
    Also ticket anyone parking on the road, some income for the village 🙂

  3. Maureen Payton says:

    A bus stop would be an excellent idea .Otherwise the area needs to be kept clear from parking of any kind except for emergency vehicles. Keep it simple.
    An imposing building needs a worthy setting, it is a Conservation Area after all, and the space around it is as important as the building itself.
    The designs on the glass ended book shelves in the Library reflect the Common outside so let us see the Common, and not parked cars, when we look out of the windows..
    So pleased action is being taken

  4. Garry Perry says:

    Full consultation on Traffic Regulation Orders has to take place and these will be advertised in due course.
    Sheila you can also make any additional comments known at the forum which has now been provisionally booked for 29th May.

    • sheila creed says:

      The advert for consultation Garry …is that the public notice on the lamp post outside of the medical centre ? if so im sure people would have missed it as it was put up so high no one would be able to read it , I did manage to lower it so I could read it and left it at eye level so others could too . Dissapointed tonight getting to the forum meeting to find that it had been cancelled and we were not informed , hope to hear soon a new date to be set plus the time too .

  5. sheila creed says:

    Made a note of the date just need the time and place thanks Garry .

    • sheila creed says:

      after finding out the time where and when meeting cancelled tonight … notice given either, so how long we got to wait now I wonder anyone know why the meeting was cancelled anyway ? seems everyone was in the dark over that question tonight ! makes me so angry when folk think their time is more important than mine.

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