Local author wants your stories

A Pelsall author is hoping to speak to descendants of the men involved in the mining disaster of 1872 to help her research her next book.

Annita Bates, who wrote Pelsall Times, Past & Present, said she was keen to hear from families who would like to contribute to her next project, which focuses on Pelsall Hall Colliery and other mines and foundries that operated in the village.

“I have already started my in depth research into the 1872 Pelsall Hall Colliery disaster and have already unearthed many interesting details,” she said. 

“I believe that there are a few descendants of the men involved in the disaster still living in Pelsall and I would be delighted to hear from them if they would be interested and would like to contribute to the book.  This also counts for others connected with other Pelsall pits/collieries and foundries.”

Ms Bates is also writing a second book about ghostly sightings in the village, following the success of Ghosts Around Pelsall, which was published three years ago and prompted a number of ghost walks based on accounts outlined in the book.

“So many people have told me about their paranormal experiences and ghostly sightings that I have decided to publish a second book to make sure that I record all of their stories and paranormal experiences,” she explained.

The author asked anyone who had experienced ghostly encounters in the village to contact her via email on backintheday@virginmedia.com or on 07906 046330. 

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2 Responses to Local author wants your stories

  1. Sounds like an intriguing project – I wish you great success!

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