Plaque dedicated for former GP re-installed

A new plaque has been dedicated to former Pelsall doctor Dr William Wallace McCullough, 60 years after the original was installed in the village.

The plaque dedicated to Dr McCullough's work, which has been re-installed

The plaque dedicated to Dr McCullough’s work, which has been re-installed

The updated memorial plaque celebrates the contributions made by Dr McCullough during his 15 years living in the village and replaces the original one that was installed in 1953 but went missing about ten years ago.

The Belfast-born GP moved to Pelsall in 1934, when he was 35, and worked as a doctor for 15 years and became president of Pelsall Cricket and Bowling Club, medical officer for Pelsall Red Cross and was involved in the Civil Defence and the local Home Guard.

Dr McCullough, who lived at the Sycamores in Church Road, died in 1949 and local friends, villagers and patients raised funds for a memorial to the doctor, including a clock and ironworks.

Pelsall History Centre campaigned to have the plaque, which can be seen at the junction of High Street and Norton Road, replaced.

Iris Aldridge, president of Pelsall History Centre, said: “Our research led us to a postcard of the original clock on eBay, which allowed us to confirm the original text so that we could properly restore the plaque to once again complete the memorial.

“We asked Brownhills, Pelsall, Rushall and Shelfield area partnership to become involved and they have kindly funded the new plaque.

“Dr McCullough was a kind man. I remember my parents sending him a shilling every month for his services but he would help local villagers whether they paid or not.”

Councillor Ian Shires, portfolio holder for community engagement and voluntary sector with Walsall Council Coalition, said: “It is encouraging to see a community work together to restore a part of its history.

“This will allow current generations to recall the contributions of a great local man and future generations to learn a bit more about the community’s history.”

Dr McCullough’s passion for caring for others has also been passed onto subsequent generations in the family; his son Ian became a dentist also working at the Sycamores in Pelsall, his granddaughter Fiona is a GP and his great-granddaughter Emma is a paediatrician.

Dr Fiona McCullough, William’s granddaughter,

said: “It is so wonderful that local people appreciate my grandfather and his work so much.

“We are incredibly moved that so many people in the village have worked to restore the plaque in his memory.”


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