Pelsall man praises apprentice scheme for turning his life around

A Pelsall man has told how an apprenticeship scheme has given him the break he needed.Adam Duckhouse

Adam Duckhouse, who is 24, said after a difficult childhood, which led to suicidal thoughts as a teenager, the apprenticeship scheme through Walsall Works has helped to turn his life around.

The 24-year-old, who lives in Pelsall with his pregnant girlfriend Jay, says achieving a Level 3 qualification in mechanics as part of an apprenticeship with Motorland 2008 Ltd has made him feel he can have a successful career.

“My mom was an alcoholic so I did not have a very good childhood and instead of going to school I had to stay at home to help look after my younger brothers and sisters,” says Adam, who lives with his pregnant girlfriend Jay.

“Life was really hard and at some points I felt like I wanted to take my own life. It would have been easy to follow what I had been taught and to end up involved in a life of crime, drugs and alcohol but I was determined to better myself.

“This apprentice scheme has been a lifeline to me because it’s given me a purpose and made me feel like I can achieve something in my life. One day I hope to own my own business and I will always be grateful to Walsall Works for giving me this apprenticeship.”

Motorland 2008 ltd received financial support from Walsall Council – about half of the apprentice’s annual wage. The Walsall Works programme has supported it and hundreds of other local businesses across a range of sectors to take on more than 500 Walsall young people.

David Yapp, manager of Motorland 2008 Ltd, said: “This apprenticeship is a brilliant way for us to employ young enthusiastic people who can train on the job. It’s working really well for us and we are grateful to receive this support from Walsall Council.”

The Walsall Works incentive is open to Walsall-based companies that work in a range of sectors, including engineering and manufacturing, construction, professional and business services, health & social care and logistics.

Each employer could receive a grant of up to £6,000 for each apprentice that they take on. To find out more contact the Walsall Works team on 01922 654330 or

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