Sir Richard to stand down: statement

Letter from Sir Richard Shepherd MP for Aldridge-Brownhills to the Association Chairman about standing down from his seat:

October 23 2014

Dear Rea,

I am very mindful that this Parliament is coming to an end and that in May next year a new Parliament will be elected and  so it is right that I should consider what would be right for Aldridge-Brownhills as a community and indeed for the Association. The introduction of a statutory five  year Parliament has in its own way helped to concentrate my decision not to contest that election next May.

I have served in eight Parliaments since first elected in 1979.By the end of the next Parliament I will be in my late seventies. I have endeavoured to serve the community to the best of my ability and have been grateful for the support of the community of Aldridge-Brownhills over all those years and of the Association – even when I lost the Whip.My experiences and judgements have been shaped by the character and interests of this remarkable part of our country.The honest values of our communities and decency of our citizens has always been a certain guide. I am proud  to have been honoured to have been the Member of Parliament for Aldridge-Brownhills.

Yours sincerely


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