Pelsall councillor loses out in parliamentary seat selection

Pelsall councillor Marco Longhi has lost his bid to be the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Aldridge-Brownhills constituency.

Coun Marco Longhi

Coun Marco Longhi

At a selection meeting last night, the Conservative association chose Conservative Party vice-chairman Wendy Morton to fight Sir Richard Shepherd’s seat.

Four candidates were shortlisted.

Morton, who has built up an electronics and manufacturing business with her husband, describes herself as “typically Yorkshire”:

“I am a bit like where I am from. Yorkshire people work hard and talk straight – and I understand I am no exception,” she says on her website.

“I am sure I inherited my work ethic and common-sense approach from my parents who are typical Yorkshire people. I was brought up in a small community and have lived the word community all my life. I believe in the power and potential of community life and know that when communities work together, they can bring about significant change.”

She first stood for the Conservatives in the 2005 general election in the Newcastle upon Tyne seat and five years later in Tynemouth.

Sir Richard, who has represented the Aldridge-Bronwhills ward since 1979, announced in October last year that he was stepping down at the next general election.

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2 Responses to Pelsall councillor loses out in parliamentary seat selection

  1. Dan Slee says:

    Jayne, I’m picking up on the ‘typical Yorkshire’ line in that post. I suspect I’m not the only one. She may well go onto lead a fine career in politics. But I suspect in overlooking a good local candidate who is widely respected the chances of this happening in your corner of the West Midlands are diminished. I do feel tremendously for Marco who emerges from this with great credit and through his scrutiny work to improve Manor Hospital with a strong reputation.

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