Pelsall Youth Centre users plan campaign to save facility

A group of young people is planning to launch a campaign to save Pelsall’s Youth Centre following reports that it is one of ten centres earmarked for closure.

Councillor Garry Perry said users of the centre were prepared to look at how they could keep the village’s youth facilities.

The campaign is being launched after the Walsall Advertiser revealed this week that ten local youth centres, including Pelsall, could close as part of measures to save £86 million over the next four years.

“The young group will be setting a ‘save the centre’ campaign group and they have asked for my help,” he said.

“We have had a positive discussion about the approach we will be taking, which will not be about ‘don’t shut the centre’ but more so ‘how can we do things differently?’.”

Speaking to third sector organisations, such as churches, community groups and academies, will be central to the campaign to see if any could help with running the youth facility.

“If Walsall Council pulls out, it does not mean that others cannot deliver a more engaging service,” said Coun Perry.

“The positive thing about this is the young people want to be the driving force and I think it’s our duty to support and empower them in doing so. This isn’t political but about doing our best within a limited resource.”

The campaign group is meeting tonight (March 13, 2015) to discuss first steps.

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