Pelsall Pride Partnership

Community-focused organisation. Meets every fourth week.

7 Responses to Pelsall Pride Partnership

  1. andy ford says:

    Hello, Does anyone else think that some kind of traffic calming measures should be put in place in Chapel st, AshTree road, and surrounding streets. Speed bumps are in place in almost every other residential area in walsall along with 20mph speed limits, including Ryders Hayes, Trevor road and surrounding streets and the newer estates in pelsall. Im getting very tired of speeding cars and the increased volume of traffic in chapel street. Some idiots drive down our road at 60 mph + .Children playing, Pets, and parked cars both sides. Unfortunatly the councill wont listen to one mans argument. Have i got any support from anyone else with concerns about this issue?

  2. Karen Clifft says:

    Have to agree Andy, in our road, Avon Crescent, we have small children who often play in the road and lots of people with pets, and yet the cars come round this corner at excessive speeds!! One of these days one of them will lose control and end up in someones front room!

  3. andy ford says:

    Thanks Karen for your reply. I am considering putting forward the argument to the council soon. I will include Avon cresent on my list of arears of concern. Even some slow signs or a reduced speed limit to 20mph would be a start i think.

  4. Aileen Hampson says:

    Hi Andy,
    I live in Wood Lane where there are already speed bumps in place, but it still doesn’t stop the maniacs and boy racers at 1 in the morning!!! My house is just before a bend, and when i’m pulling off my drive, it still surprises me at the speed some people do coming round that bend. I would like to see ‘give way to on coming traffic stops’, like they’ve got on the Turnberry estate in Bloxwich.

  5. Bill ehlen says:

    I live in Victoria road And 60 to 70 mph is a common occurance

  6. James Lloyd says:

    Just seen this. We moved in to Ashtree Road last Christmas. You get vans and all sorts absolutely tearing down our road and with many parked cars either side!

  7. Lucy Forf says:

    The speeding cars in Chapel Street in Pelsall is getting out of control we have cars speeding all times of the day doing speeds of 70-80. It is had to try and catch the number plates they are going so fast. Something needs to be done urgently before some one gets killed or seriously hurt?

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