Pubs and eating

The Fingerpost (Bert’s Bistro): Norton Road; 01922 693707

The Old Bush: Walsall Road; 01922 692212

The Old House At Home: Norton Rd; 01922 682011 ‎

The Railway: Victoria Road; 01922 686 911.

Pelsall Labour Club: Unity House, Church Rd; 01922 682 475

The Queens, Norton Road.01922 693080

Pelsall Social Club, Norton Road. 01922 682367

Visitor ratings:;West%20Midlands/


Sultan’s Cottage (was Cinnamon) (Indian): Wolverhampton Road; 01922 685550

The Moghul Palace (Indian): Norton Rd; 01922 682888


Pelsall Village Cafe, High Street.


Eatso – English takeaway. High Street, Pelsall. 01922 694222.

Pelsall Fish Bar – 169, Wolverhampton Rd.

Ocean Fish Bar – 57, High Street.

Lotus Blossom (Chinese) – 49 High Street. 01922 691333.

Oriental House – 95, Wolverhampton Rd. 01922 685500.

2 Responses to Pubs and eating

  1. Mick_P says:

    Whether or not one would like to frequent them, mention ought to go to The Queens, in the centre on Norton Road and The Red Cow at the Walsall Road end of Allens Lane. Plus and Pelsall Social Club, by the Fingerpost on Norton Road.

    • CommonPeople says:

      you are absolutely right and they have been added to the pubs and eating section.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Contributions etc are always welcome – spread the word!

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